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Summary & Objectives

The project aims to overtake the need for experience exchange in the field of distance teaching that has been imposed by the pandemic. The partnership thinks that a transnational point of view lets each partner grow looking at the experience of success and pitfalls stories experienced in other countries, as each government decision was modelling each school strategy.

The Classes on the Moon.

In the next ten years, it is predicted that there will be a new Industrial Revolution and the highest digital technology will be integrated to the production and value chain. (Boston Consulting Group, 2015) That’s why it can be said that it is expected coding and programming will be more important than ever for those in all sectors in 21st century It is a known fact that those who are looking for and developing new ways to learn and teach coding will be one step ahead.

According to results of survey conducted in educational institutions, it is clear that teachers are eager to bring technology to classroom but have knowledge and practice deficiencies. The general purpose of the Project is to be able to use CODING activities effectively in interdisciplinary education and to be able to manage integration of it into the educational systems. At the end of the project, the teachers involved in the project aim to be experts in coding field. Teachers need to develop new learning techniques for effective learning. In order for children to develop their research, inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills, and to be lifelong learning individuals, they need to be developed in terms of COMPUTATIVE thinking skills. For this reason, teachers should include more activities in the lessons where students can use or develop their computational process skills. It will be useful to integrate coding activities into curriculum and take advantage of digital learning environment in place of traditional one. The partners will then be involved in five Learning and Training Capacity Building Activities in the field of ICT and coding so that they develop their digital competences. Participants will have the opportunity to update their methodology on the use of computational thinking approach in the classroom.


To improve the teaching skills of each partner’s teachers to face the sudden teaching challenges imposed by the pandemic.
To develop foreign language and computer skills.

By participating in the 5 Learning and Teaching and Training activities of 3 days, the participants:

Increase Interests

will increase interests in digital lessons (Maths, Science, Computer Sciences, Languages, etc) as they

Coding and Robotic

will learn CODING and ROBOTIC Programming language and also how to operate it

Create their own style

won’t have technology just to use it but they will have a chance to create their own style by coding

Thanks to this partnership and the project our teachers:«

Computational Thinking

will start using computational thinking approach in their lessons

IT Tools

will get a different perspective on the working principles of IT tools

Education Internationalized

will learn Computational thinking activities. Our education level will be internationalized

Digital Capacities

will improve their coding skills and digital capacities, professional careers

Problem-solving Skills

will develop Algorithmic thinking, cooperation with ICT teachers will be provided, and students’ problem-solving skills will be developed in real life

Self-expression Skills

will improve their self-expression skills through dissemination activities, institution visits and meetings

Our teachers will increase their self-confidence by having international education, improve themselves by having a chance to practice their English in abroad so their internal motivation will increase. And it will contribute to development of qualified human power needed for our country

Project nº: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000028172
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